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Cute Christmas Nails Art Ideas for 2019

Cute Christmas Nails Art Ideas for 2019

Among the many things to do in order to prepare for the perfect Christmas, having the right nail style is certainly among the most important. On one hand, it could be an excuse to spend some time with your friends during the holidays. For instance, you could organize a “Christmas nails party” and invite whoever you want. On the other hand, choosing the right nail style could quickly become a fundamental step when you think about how to dress for Christmas day. Think about it: your family will be there, maybe your friends too, how do you want to look? Do you want something sober and elegant? Or maybe something funny and playful? You can experiment with different materials and colours.

If you choose a french manicure, you can change the usual colours using gold, silver, red or green instead. Metallic nail polish is quite perfect for Christmas nails and it allows you to easily create funny combinations. You will look perfectly elegant and classy, but if you want something different you can also play with the colours and draw little Christmas trees on your nails. Glitters, crystals, black and gold

You can choose something classic but surprising. For instance, get inspired by the patterns of the traditional symbols of the season, such as gift boxes, snowmen, snowflakes, holly leaves, etc. And what about Santa Claus himself? Use different materials, choose a 3D style and you’ll surprise the entire family with your astonishing Christmas nails.

You can also use the so-called bubble nail art, it’ll help you drawing the patterns you have selected. Stiletto nails are quite fine too, if you choose the right shapes and colours. As a matter of fact, you can really push some boundaries here and choose something innovative, creating new styles and modifying different models in order to create your personalised Christmas nails.

Even if you have short nails, you can always find the right style for Christmas. For instance have you ever thought about using velvet powder? As long as you choose the right colours (for Christmas you should really focus on red, silver, gold, blue or green) you will have elegant nails with an original, unexpected touch. You can also combine the velvet powder with golden glitters. The result will be brilliant and it will attract the attention of the people around you, graciously. The good thing about Christmas, is that everyone is in the perfect mood, everyone is happy and willing to play.

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