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Cool pedicure designs For This Summer

Cool pedicure designs For This Summer

Cool pedicure designs For This Summer Take a look at some of the best pedicure designs we’ve seen and get inspiration This cute flower toe nail design features a classic red rose on one big toe.

If you’re going to use neon polishes on your tootsies, make sure you use a base coat underneath to prevent the polish from staining your toenails. If you do suffer from staining, you’ll find that lemon juice helps to get rid of some of that yellowing, being a natural bleaching agent.


Are you feeling florals? Florals and spring go hand in hand like … well, florals and spring really. It’s the season that all the flowers start to bloom and everything looks beautiful and flowery. Pay homage to the start of the warmer weather with these pretty delights for your toes.


If you want to create something simple, that doesn’t need a whole bunch of tools, but still packs a big punch, you need to ombre up your nails. It was the latest hair trend for a while, and now it’s the latest pedicure trend. All you need is the same colour, but in varying shades – darker to light, or pastel to bold.


These are pretty cool, don’t you think? For when you want sparkly toes, but without too much sparkle, add nail foils / tape with gold glitter. It’s sophisticated, simple to replicate, and only takes a few minutes. You can place your foil tape in whatever patterns you like, but we really like these chevron designs.

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