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Best Nail Art Ideas Easy Nail Designs 2019

Best Nail Art Ideas for 2019

Best Nail Art Ideas Easy Nail Designs 2019 It’s like I blinked and here I am – in the third month of the year, whose birth we almost celebrated yesterday. Winter is at its aiguille and brilliant and blessed bounce and summer canicule are afterpiece and afterpiece every day. Autumn also can be wonderful because, after all, beauty is in the eye of the observer (people say so). When they are dressed and look beautiful, women are self-confident. They are more attractive and happier. It has been proven by science a long time ago. It’s normal, of course, we all like to dress and look well. But never neglect your lovely hands, dear ladies.

Manicure experts, Naomi Yasuda and Kim Round, have already presented some forecasts for upcoming trends. They are known for beautifying the hands of Madonna, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. They believe that the abstraction will dominate in the world of manicure this year, blue shades, but also discrete shades. Cobalt blue will be the main color in 2019., because it is sophisticated and extravagant.

Dark nail polish colors will be very trendy, and you can decorate them with just a few details. The less is more, the minimalism wins manicures world this year. For the glamorous look in 2018. use gold and silver color and lots of rhinestones and shine.

French manicure is a classic in the world of nails. Play with colors and be imaginative, you can complete this classic with any color or combination of two and more colors.

The fashion classic is nude color. This colors give a sensational and seductive look to the hands. These tones are simple, but your hands will always shine with you and look young and nurtured. Rhinestones are there to enrich every manicure and make it luxurious. In 2018. be free to combine the colors you currently have at home and decorate nails with a tiny dot or line in metallic color. Play with colors and wear what you like and what is in accordance with your current feeling. Only then you will be really seductive and shiny.

This is one of many ways in which you can enrich your French manicure. Gold or silver details, lines, points and rhinestones are always a good detail.

Olive green color combines nicely with ocher, as you can see. A good choice will be throughout the year, and you can refresh this combination with the help of white or black, depending on which one you like more.

Because of these patterns that remind on those on the sweaters, I would take this manicure in colder days.

Sailor manicure and naval details are somehow always predominantly tied to the summer and to rest on a beach. It’s the same situation this year.

Gray nail varnishes have been very popular this winter. If the color fits nicely with your tan and nails, you do not have to give up of that beautiful gray in the summer months also.

The latest method of making nails is dipping. The nails made in this way last from 3 to 6 weeks, and the nail making process lasts about 30% shorter than the making nails with classic gel technique. Best of all, there is no boring and long nail file in this technique, and you can choose between 122 available shades. This is a healthier way because there is no use of UV lamps, and after the classic manicure, only the air-drying liquid is applied.

Whether you are going to opening an exclusive restaurant or to work, with this manicure you will look very seductive.

A manicure in a popular nude and pink color. I would take it in every situation because it is both – discreet and effective enough.

Cosmos on your nails. Discreet details and unrivaled colors do not diminish beauty. Sometimes what is discreet is the most beautiful and attracts the most attention.

The correction of this manicure, originating from America, is very fast and simple because the nails are melted in acetone. This is a very good technique for ladies who wore nails made with gel and UV lamps and want to recover them now.

With acrylic technique there is no drying of nails in UV lamps, but classic drying in the air. Acrylic nails can be varnished as ordinary nails.

Earth tones are a great choice for every occasion, they are easy to combine and you will surely look nice and like real lady with them.

Black color does not have to be boring if it is refreshed with interesting details and combined with other colors. Blue is a hit this year.

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