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A Glorious Zulu Bridal Shoot for 2019

A Glorious Zulu Bridal Shoot for 2019

A Glorious Zulu Bridal Shoot for 2019 If you fall into the category of brides who were shockingly disappointed by their photographs then you’ll love this feature. I think it’s a brilliant idea that will make up for the disappointment.

Have you ever considered a bridal shoot? Or in this case a Zulu bridal shoot. I think apart from snap me pretty I’m the first wedding blogger to feature a Zulu bridal shoot with the focus ONLY on the bride. And it’s such a treat. This type of shoot is not just exclusive to brides who weren’t happy with their pictures but to those of you are still planning.

I’m not against white wedding bridal shoots, I enjoy them too. However you rarely see traditional African styled shoots and I know for sure that there are at least 10 traditional weddings happening in Gauteng every weekend let alone the whole of South Africa. That is where Bontle comes in. My aim is to give traditional weddings a platform because they’re nothing short of glorious and should get the press they deserve.

I love white weddings still and will continue to feature some as and when I receive them. So for those of you who aren’t into traditional weddings don’t worry you’ll also have a place of inspiration here.

“Phillipine, the gorgeous lady in these photos, is wearing a traditional Zulu wedding dress. It’s exactly how she wore it when she married her husband in 2016! And really, doesn’t she look like a freaking goddess in this? I can’t get over all the color and meticulous beadwork that went into making it. But also, just the way Phillipine carries herself in the dress. And that’s what makes it even more spectacular.”

This is what she had to say about this shoot.

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