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44 Stripes Nail Art Ideas 2019

55 Stripes Nail Art Ideas

Well-manicured nails not only beautify hands but are also a manifestation of a person’s personality. Beauty accessories are not limited to clothes and make up. In fact nail art is gaining popularity around the globe. Women love to flaunt their fresh manicures with interesting designs that range from simple stripes to outrageously odious to classically stunning patterns.

Women from all walks of life are embellishing and enhancing the beauty of their nails. Celebrities like Lady Gaga are famous for styling their nails with different accessories to create most intricate designs. Nail art does not only elevate the beauty of your hand but is a fashion statement in itself.


Some may think that creating nail art is a time consuming job. For beginners, it may take some time but once you ease into it, sky is the limit. Basic fingernail art is actually very easy to do. All you need is persistence and the right set of tools.


A fresh manicure makes your hand look great but adding a nail art will make you look chic and stylish.The practice of nail decoration has been around for some 5000 years. Traditionally, the people of India used henna to give color to their nails. As fashion industry prospered, nail polishes were introduced. Now, you have a huge variety of nail colors are available in the market. From bright shades to lighter subtle tones to loud glittery colors, you can get any shade imaginable.It is also pertinent that you maintain your nail health. Applying cuticle oil every few days will keep your nails healthy.


To maintain your nail art, apply a top coat after you get your nails done. Applying top coat after every few days gives a fresh look to your nails and also keeps your nail art protected from damage.Initially, you will need few basic tools such as good quality nail polish. You can also use nail art pens.


To embellish your nails, you can use stickers. Nail art stickers are available in a variety of designs, colors and themes. Some widely popular ones are gem stickers and lace stickers. Nail wraps are also a fun way of decorating your nails. Stencils are a great way of adding different designs to your collection. Once you have your basic supplies, lay them out neatly and start creating!

Stripes are probably one the most simple and classic way of decorating your nails. It gives a sleek and classy look to your personality. You will have the opportunity to create innumerable designs and patterns. You don’t require stencils or wraps.


Few sharp brushes and nail colors of your choice are all that you would need. With stripes, the probability of repeating same design is minimized and the possibilities are limitless.

Without proper and shaped nails, there are no real ladies and women with style. Dear ladies whether you have short or long nails, always let them be tidy and stiff.


Beautiful hands are something that many people notice first on another person. If they are nicely colored and nicely shaped, you will give the impression of a carefree lady and a woman who looks after her appearance.


The beautiful embedded nails send a clear and powerful message about you to others, and surely they are a beautiful fashionable detail that gives to your appearance a special seal and completes it. In order to have healthy and strong nails it is important to pay attention to their care.

When you are settling your nails, you are often like most ladies in the dilemma which form to choose. Many are available, such as square, oval, almond nails… Choose the shape that fits your style. With square nails you will not make a mistake.

Square nails are a classic in world of fashion that never goes out of fashion and you can take it in every occasion. This shape is very popular and is called the glamorous nail shape. This form of nail will surely draw attention to your hands and will fit well with those ladies wearing nails of medium length. These nails have sharper edges so because of that they break more easily – this is their only disadvantage.


As for the color, it is summer so be free to choose pastel shades that you will be able to wear everywhere and always. Be creative and combine colors like pink and blue, purple and white, yellow and black… Summer motifs like palm trees, seagulls are a nice detail for the hot summer days, and if you go to the sea, you will surely be noticed with these great details. Ombre in some summer color will be a great choice, but pay attention on the crossings – let them be discreet and let the colors spill over into each other. Black is color for all times and occasions, and gold and silver are there to give the glamour to your look. The stripes will make your nails visually longer, but be careful with the stretches across the width of the nail.




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