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33 Joyful Christmas Nails Ideas

33 Joyful Christmas Nails Ideas

The nails are painted differently but are in similar tones. Real Christmas/New Year nails. There are the inevitable red, shine and sexy corset female Santa Claus.

We have already silently absolved into December. This is the month of holidays and special euphoria that is felt in the air and that we can see on the admirable busy streets, in a affably adorned windows and in the eyes of ordinary people who enthusiastically look just decorated Christmas tree in the center of town, beautiful decorated showcase in shopping centers and local gift shops. December is the month of giving, first for Christmas, but also for the New Year.

Surely you already have a reserved place in a restaurant, disco or reserved airplane ticket for these holidays, and if because of the enormous commitments you still didn’t do that, it’s yet not too late. Dates in beauty salons, hair stylists and manicures are traditionally crowded around these holidays. Schedule your appointments so that you won’t be nervous without need.

Desigual is not far behind the competition, but also presented it’s collection for the upcoming holidays. Desigual emphasis on black and white pieces, and animal print in this color combination, then the bright shades, plush is also represented in their collection. Trendy brave shoes are also part of the collection Disigual so if you’re brave, do not bypass their great pieces.

In the new look book H & M called ”GO GLAM” can be founded various festive dresses for going out in disco but also for the craziest night. Gray pencil dress in this collection would be my choice. There is also a red suit for the strong ladies, shimmering skirts and blouses, and an elegant black suit. It all depends of place where you are going…

Cold white color in combination with gentle baby pink and gold tones is not so cold. Beautiful and very youthful nail art for these cold winter days.

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